Customs Brokers

In recent years, large multinational and other larger freight companies have leaned towards selling short the importance of the customs broker, preferring to market freight as the key to a successful import program.

Increased pressures on forwarders to provide quicker delivery times has led to many forwarders cutting costs in their customs departments through reducing the number of tariff experienced staff and reducing clearance cycle times. The result has been a decline over time in the ability of brokers to identify all opportunities to reduce their customer’s duty payable.

The ICL difference:

With the further automation and computerisation of the industry, the speed in which imported goods can be cleared through customs has improved.  This data entry process however should not be confused with the skills and knowledge required to classify commodities in the first place.  Tariff reviews are a regular occurrence at ICL.  As our customer’s business changes, we make a point of knowing about it to ensure we can capitalise on any new tariff concessions that may reduce their taxes payable.


Our emphasis is on developing and sourcing the very latest technologies and management techniques to ensure cost efficient and reliable services to our customers.  This involves both innovative and enhanced communication systems combined with an exceptional level of personalised customer care.